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“It was the best decision I’ve ever made. FemiLift was just what I needed to restore my self-confidence. Dr. Ofer and the whole staff at the Avery Center were so amazing. They made me feel very comfortable through the entire procedure.”
— Robin K.

“Since having FemiLift, I can now sleep through the night without getting up to pee! I only have to pee onr time before working out, and I can get through circuit training (with jumps) with no bathroom runs! I can also run longer without leaking—I’ve doubled the distance I could go before needing bathroom break! I have increased lubrication and feel tighter overall, especially during intercourse. I would definitely recommend FemiLift to anyone looking to increase tightness and lubrication in that area!”
— Joli D.

“FemiLift has helped tremendously. I have had no problems with my prolapse since the treatments. I am going to the bathroom less and I can hold it much longer than before. And the doctor was great!
— C.B.

After getting FemiLift and the O Shot with Dr. Ofer, I’m definitely much tighter;I have no problems with lubrication and I orgasm very, very easily!! I now have multiple orgasms for the first time!!
— Christine F.

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